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Welcome to the tour for Venom & Lace by Dani Antoinette. This beauty has given many readers quite the book hangover. Thankfully the second book comes out this month!

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Venom & Lace (Venom #1)

Publication Date: March 13, 2023

Genre: Romance/ Enemies to Lovers/ Billionaire Romance

🌹Enemies to Lovers
🌹Billionaire Romance
🌹Fake Fiancé
🌹Hidden Villain
🌹Slow burn w/ Spice

Not all monsters hide under your bed. Some of them entice you into theirs.

Being blackmailed into being the fake fiancé of Chicago’s most eligible bachelor was nothing compared to what was coming. Ryzen Goodacre’s ruthless pursuit to be number one had made him one of the richest men in the city, but I was about to pay the price for his ambitions.

Most women would kill to be in my shoes. Unfortunately for him, I wasn’t like most women. Prove to the world we’re madly in love and follow the rules. Otherwise, he would crush my dreams with the snap of his fingers.

But there was one thing I hadn’t counted on. And by the time I saw him coming, it was already too late.

Haunted by a past that has left him with scars that can never be healed, Cian Blackwood’s bitter rivalry with Ryzen has me trapped in a twisted game where the line between right and wrong was more than just blurred. It was downright sinful.

Possessed by the need for revenge, Cian will destroy anyone who stands in his way.

Including me.

And my heart.

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Note: This book ends on a cliffhanger. Book two will be released on June 26th, 2023.

My Review

From the first scenes in the elevator when Nova surrounded by a broken suitcase and s#x toys, I knew I was all in. The story just got better and better. Um, hello to that cliffhanger ending! Can I get book two now as I need it. Venom and Lace is so deliciously yummy!

Nova is my type of woman. It did not matter how good looking and rich Ryzen is, she still hit him with her sassy zingers! Juliet is the best friend that every woman needs. While he only made a few appearances, I liked every scene that Owen, Nova and Juliet's employee was in.

When it came to the two men in Nova's life, Ryzen and Cian; I definitely was cheering for Cian. You could just feel the hot passion that they shared. Yet, Ryzen is someone that you don't want to turn your back on.

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About the Author


A total bookworm and a hopeless romantic, Dani Antoinette likes to write the kind of stories she loves to read—stories about hot alpha males who embrace the thin line between right and wrong, and the strong, fearless women who are able to handle them. When Dani isn’t devouring books by her favorite authors at her local café in downtown Chicago, she spends her time interviewing prospective characters out loud in public places, all while planning her takeover of the romance world. For more information on her current projects, visit or check her out on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook.

Dani Antoinette


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