Book Review: Story of the Forsaken


“The blood will flow,
The seed will grow,
The life will end,
But the world will hold.”

“His memories are dark. But they only highlight my own darkness.”


She’s destined to be the end of everything or the savior of us all. All this time, I’ve been lurking in the shadows. The darkness that swallows the light.

They think she’s not one of us, but they don’t know the real enemy.
I have secrets, and once she learns them, it’ll be the end of me, and maybe everyone else, too.

But she chose to be the light right as I chose to fully immerse myself into the darkness.


I’ve been deceived by everyone I know. Forsaken by my own people, deemed a traitor. My true people. What do I have left?

My humanity. And I’m clinging to every last straw. He might be the last one who still believes me to be human. Somewhat.

He tells me to stay away from him, but his actions prove otherwise.

He is a king of mixed signals, hiding behind too many secrets. Bossy, possessive, hungry. But I’m drawn like a moth to the light while he claims to be the darkness.

They told me I’ll be the end of everything. But they are wrong.
I am the beginning.
This is the second part of the duet where all the questions will be answered. This is not a standalone. Please, read the first part before diving into this one. Strong language and adult situations. 18+.
Note from the author: Darriel is a definition of a morally gray character, and I love him for that. I hope you will too:)

My Review

After the cliffhanger from book one, I was so ready to ready this book. Ariana did not disappoint with this conclusion to this duet. In the first book, there was a lot of action and the storyline moved faster. In this book, the tone was a bit more slower paced but it shared so much. All your questions are answered in this book. 

There was not a lot know about Darriel but that changes in this book. In fact, while I still love Sadie, it is Darriel that really won me over. Learning about his back story and what makes him tick. To quote Sadie "I’ve come to love both sides of Darriel: the crazy wild beast and the sensitive poetry lover.


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