Book Review: Five Dates Between Friends


What’s the big deal about a few dates between friends?

Here’s the thing — Mack has been Chase’s best friend for half her life, and they’ve always been platonic with a capital P. He’s also her business partner, and without question the best person she’s ever met. And Chase? She’s a self confessed disaster; she works too much, considers curly fries a food group, and might have an unhealthy dependency on iced coffee and whiskey. Then there’s her relationship history, which leans more towards tragic backstory than happily ever after.

An unexpected kiss turns their friendship—and Chase’s world—on its head. She’s pretty sure crossing that particular line was a mistake, but saying no to Mack has never been easy. So when he asks for one date, to show her what they could be, Chase agrees. She tells herself, and him, that it will only be one. One date and they go back to friends and pretend the whole unfortunate incident never happened. She won’t be agreeing to a second, or a third and definitely not five.

Because five dates with your best friend can only be a bad idea… right?

My Review

This is the first book I have read from author, Erin Thomson. It is so good that I plan to go back and read this author's other book, The Wedding Planners. I love a good friends to lovers' story and Mack and Chase's story is one to read. While these two did share a kiss early on in the story it was not instalove. 

Mack and Chase have a good thing as friends and don't want to mess it up For Mack, there is a lot on the line. I really liked how these two's relationship progressed from friends to lovers. It went from sweet to steamy. However, what really made this story for me was the ease to which I was able to engage with the characters right away. It will not take you five times to read this book to enjoy it a lot; just one time!


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