Book Review: Shackled Hearts


Betrayed, deceived, broken.
They are the only words used to describe who I have become.
Make no mistake, I let this happen.
But do you want to know the thing about letting someone into your life?
It can be undone.
Lucas Rossi may think he has won this round.
But I have news for him.
I’m going to win every other one he sends my way.
My heart may be in shackles, but my head has perfect clarity.

SHACKLED HEARTS Is book 2 in Chanel and Lucas Duet. It is a part of the Chained Hearts world.

My Review

After finishing Sinful Hands, I could not wait to read this follow up book. Author, T.L. Smith did not disappoint. This book started out with a bang. 

As I stated when I read Sinful Hands, the first book in this duet that I loved Lucas and Chanel. I felt like Chanel was evenly matched with Lucas. She is very lucky that Lucas loved her a lot as there were a few times in both books where Chanel could have been shot. 

Things really heated up in this book. The intensity was so strong you could cut it with a knife. The cheeky Variety Gossip is great. It gives my both Bridgerton and Gossip Girl vibes. T.L. Smith has become an automatic read author for me. As soon as these books drop into my Kindle, I am devouring the books. I can't wait for the next duet in this Chained Hearts world. 


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