Red Is My Heart


How can you mend a broken heart? Do you write a letter to the woman who left you - and post it to an imaginary address? Buy a new watch, to reset your life? Or get rid of the jacket you wore every time you argued, because it was in some way ... responsible? Combining the wry musings of a rejected lover with playful drawings in just three colours - red, black and white - bestselling author of The Red Notebook, Antoine Laurain, and renowned street artist Le Sonneur have created a striking addition to the literature of unrequited love. Sharp, yet warm, whimsical and deeply Parisian, this is a must for all Antoine Laurain fans. 

My Review

This is not typically my kind of book but I really enjoyed it a lot. The poems really told stories of love lost. You could feel the anguish. Each story really spoke to me in a profound way. There is not one story/poem that I could pick as my favorite as I loved them all. Every reader who reads this book will relate in at least one of these stories. They will stick with you long after you have finished this book. 

The other piece of this book that really made it special are the drawings. Simple but so effective and beautiful. The illustrations are pieces of art. Even if each story was written with just one word; the illustrations/drawings would have still told the stories. You know something is very special when no words are needed to describe them as with Le Sonneur's drawings. This is a must read. Recommended book and my first five star read of 2022!


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