Stranger Love







They say you’ll have the time of your life at university, but it was the handsome stranger in a local bar who gave me mine.

Our connection was instantaneous, our conversation littered with inappropriate teasing. And his kiss. Blew. My. Mind.

Going home with him was never in doubt.

The next day, he promised to call, but I never heard from him again. Trying not to feel rejected, I decided to look at my one night stand as an experience fitting of college life.

The unexpected baby wasn’t part of the deal though. I wasn’t down for that particular experience. I’m a final year student and the timing is awful.

But despite delivering babies for a living, Callum’s not happy about the pregnancy, making accusations and assumptions every time we meet. 

He treats me as if I’m his enemy, and if he’s not careful he’ll make me one, pushing me away for good.




The green-eyed girl from the bar is standing in my hospital, looking at an ultrasound scan in her hands. I hoped to see her again, to relive our incredible night, but not like this.

Not with my world exploding, my worst fears realised.

I’ve knocked up a stranger.

When I confront her about the baby, things go from bad to worse. I’m unable to say a thing right, upsetting Rose every chance I get. 

But despite being blindsided by the news, I want to be involved in the pregnancy. After all, I’m an obstetrician, and babies and women’s bodies are my speciality. And even though I’ve never felt possessive about a woman before, it’s not long before strong, protective tendencies build inside me.

I can’t stay away from her.

She’s carrying my child. 

I’m going to be a father.

That connection we had months ago, reignites. 

We get closer. Too close.

And I have no idea where we go from here. 

Author Bio
I loved reading romance books so much, I started to write my own. Featuring my own personal swoon-worthy book boyfriends with killer bods/smiles/moves and playful banter, hopefully, you’ll enjoy these heartfelt stories too. 

I live in Norfolk, England and write stories with heat, heart and happily ever after. 


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