Only You for the Holidays


She made excuses to stay away.

He'll give her a reason to remain.

Piper Deacon had a spotless flying record while serving in the Army until a careless mishap from her flight partner had her questioning her own skills and responsibility. Foolish pride kept her away from home for too long; the one place she should've known she could always return to no matter what. When circumstances force her back to Idaho, she'll have to face life-altering decisions which include whether or not to succumb to the match-making devices of her mother and co-conspirator friend. With the appealing lawman, Logan Shaw, in her path, will she realize the easy choice right in front of her is all she'll ever need?

Logan Shaw didn't always walk the straight line, but service in the Marines gave him a better direction. After twenty-one years away, he's settling back home, working with the Sheriff's Department, and wondering if he has a future that'll include a woman to love. Thanks to the machinations of his mom and her friend, he's already halfway there with a woman he has yet to meet. And when he does, can he convince Piper you really can come home again?

My Review

Only You for the Holidays is a short and charming romance that will help you get into the holiday spirit. If anything you will be feeling the love. Piper and Logan are great together. Due to her accident, Piper was experiencing PTSD. Having been in the military himself, Logan was able to understand and relate to Piper. He helped her to realize it was not her fault but a misfortunate accident. 

I like that Piper and Logan had a mild burn and not an instalove. I say mild burn because when the opportunity struck, these two could not help but feel the attraction and kiss. From there, these two could not stop finding ways to be in each other's arms. A steamy time for sure. 


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