Once Upon a Wardrobe


“Where did Narnia come from?”

The answer will change everything.

Megs Devonshire is brilliant with numbers and equations, on a scholarship at Oxford, and dreams of solving the greatest mysteries of physics.

She prefers the dependability of facts—except for one: the younger brother she loves with all her heart doesn’t have long to live. When George becomes captivated by a copy of a brand-new book called The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and begs her to find out where Narnia came from, there’s no way she can refuse.

Despite her timidity about approaching the famous author, Megs soon finds herself taking tea with the Oxford don and his own brother, imploring them for answers. What she receives instead are more stories . . . stories of Jack Lewis’s life, which she takes home to George.

Why won’t Mr. Lewis just tell her plainly what George wants to know? The answer will reveal to Meg many truths that science and math cannot, and the gift she thought she was giving to her brother—the story behind Narnia—turns out to be his gift to her, instead: hope.

My Review

All the great things you have heard or read about this book is true. I absolutely loved this book. It made me look at the Chronicles of Narnia in a more personal light and appreciate it even more. I feel in love with author, Patti Callahan more after reading this book. This book is in my top three for 2021!

I really loved the way that Meg cared for her brother, George. While in the beginning, she thought that George's request was a bit silly, she did it anyways out of love for her brother. I can relate to Meg some in the fact that she was trying to analyze Narnia and the characters. I have a very analytical mind but sometimes there is no straight answer. 

George was so wise behind his young years. He understood what C.S aka Jack was speaking about. The more and more I read, I got "lost" within the pages of this story in a wonderful way. The ending was great. 


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