No Rules

Sharon Dukett has never been a woman to follow the rules. Growing up in Connecticut in the 70s, her parents thought she should become a clerical office worker after high school and live at home until she marries and has a family. A free-spirit and feminist, Sharon has other plans. She wants more out of life and leaves home with her older sister to join the California hippies and embarks of a precarious journey amid the 1970s counterculture, bouncing from place to place and learning a lot the hard way.

Back to Connecticut in her adult life, Sharon has a colorful memoir debuting on June 2, No Rules, that reflects upon the changes that reshaped her during the 1970s women’s movement, and how they have transformed society’s expectations for girls and women today―and, through it all, shares moments of triumph, joy, love, and awakening.

My Review

I appreciate Sharon sharing her story about growing up in the 1970s and joining the women's movement. Which this was a big victory for women to be the leaders and voices that they are today in business and society.

Sharon may have did things like taking drugs or had various relationships but all these things shaped and were a part of her past. You can't change the past but you can embrace and move on from it. Which there is no judgment on how someone lives. That is why I like to read memoirs. You can learn a lot about someone's life.

While, I did like reading this book, I did feel a bit disjointed by my connection towards Sharon. I was not as invested in her as I would have liked to be while reading this book.  Yes, this is still a good read.


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