Only Ever You

Jill Lassiter’s three-year-old daughter disappears from a playground only to return after 40 frantic minutes, but her mother’s relief is short-lived–there’s a tiny puncture mark on Sophia’s arm. When doctors can find no trace of drugs in her system, Jill accepts she’ll never know what happened, but at least her child is safe.

Except Sophia isn’t. Someone is watching the Lassiter home in an affluent Pennsylvania suburb, infiltrating the family’s personal and professional lives. While Jill struggles to balance building her photography business with parenting high-spirited Sophia, and David is distracted by pressure to make partner at his law firm, both of them are holding on in a marriage that’s already been rocked by loss.

Three months after the incident at the park, Sophia disappears again, but this time Jill and David become the focus of police and media scrutiny and suspicion. Facing every parent’s worst nightmare a second time, Jill discovers that someone doesn’t just want Sophia for her own, she wants to
destroy the entire family.

My Review

This is my first time experiencing what it is like to read a Rebecca Drake book. I have to tell you that my experience was amazing. I read this book in one day. I would have actually have finished this book in a matter of a few hours but I made the mistake of taking this book with me to work, so I could not read it during my breaks and lunch. At the end of the work day I took this book home with me and finished it right away. I was so engaged in Jill, David, and Sophia's lives.

Yet I was not so sure about Jill. At first I was fine with her but then as the story went on I thought she was weak but I was wrong. She is a fighter. This book is the right balance of intrigue. Both sides of the story from what Jill and David were experiencing to what was happening to Sophia. Honestly I had no clue how the story would end until it was revealed in the last third of the story. I can't wait to see what the author comes out with next.


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