Give me Mercy

After a terrible accident lands Dr. Julie Devereux’s fiancé paralyzed and in the hospital, he begs his wife for relief.  An outspoken advocate for the right to die, Dr. Devereux has a change of heart when the patient in question hits so close to home.  But after Sam dies under suspicious circumstances, Dr. Devereux becomes the key suspect, in the latest thriller by bestselling author Michael Palmer, co-authored with his son Daniel Palmer.
After a motorcycle accident leaves Dr. Devereux’s fiancé, Sam Talbot, a quadriplegic, he begs to die.  But Julie, otherwise an advocate for the right to die, sees hope in a life together. With the help of an organization that opposes physician-assisted suicide, Julie has Sam coming around to her point of view when he suddenly dies from an unexpected heart attack. An autopsy reveals that Sam died of an unusual heart defect, one seen only in those under extreme stress - in fact, it appears that Sam had been literally scared to death. As Julie investigates similar cases, threats begin to confront her. The more cases Julie discovers, the more the threats escalate until she finds herself accused of a mercy killing of her own. To clear her name and save her career, she must track down who is behind these mysterious deaths... but someone has decided that killing Julie is the only way to stop her.

My Review

This is bittersweet to write this review. While the last book I was not so much a fan of, this time around I could not read this book fast enough. Which I have been a fan of Mr. Palmer's since his first book. It is sad that I won't get to read another book by Mr. Palmer since it seems that he had found his stride again when it came to me and his books. Yet, I am glad that his son helped finish this book for him. At the same time I was introduced to a new author in Mr. Daniel Palmer.

Everything from the setting to the characters, pacing of the story, the plot, and the ending was on point. Dr. Julie was a great, strong female lead. Also very smart and determined. Even when confronted by danger, she for the most part stayed calm under pressure. The only "Mercy" I had with this book was when I finished it. Again, however I am sad that I am done reading it.


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