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Mercy Taylor is a tour guide. That is about all she can do. She comes from a family of witches but due to some sick joke Mercy has no powers. That is why she is sneaking off in the middle of the night to see Mother Jilo. She wants Mother Jilo to cast her a love spell. While Mercy does have a crush on her twin sister's boyfriend, Jackson that is not who Mercy wants the spell case on. She wants Mother Jilo to cast a spell on Mercy to fall in love with her childhood friend, Peter. Peter is in love with Mercy. When Mercy learns the price for the spell, she realizes it is not worth the risk. Mercy is called upon her Aunt Ginny the next morning. When Mercy walks into the room, she finds her aunt murdered. It is up to Mercy and her family to find her aunt's killer.

What I noticed right away was that Mercy while she was an adult at 20, almost 21, she seemed much younger like in her teens. Which would not have bothered me so much if she was in her teens but I wanted Mercy to grow up and have a little back bone. Then there was the fact of a lot of rambling about things that felt more like the author was trying to fill in dead space then that section really having anything to do with the story. There was nothing too scary in this book. It was mild at best. I expect that the second book will feature more action. However with it kind of lacking in this book, I had a hard time sticking with this book. I had to skim parts to make it go faster. Although, it is nice to see witches making a comeback again.

I have 1 copy of this book to giveaway. US/Canada if selecting physical copy otherwise if you are international then it will be a digital copy (Kindle)
Leave me a message with your email and choice of either physical or digital. If you are in the US/Canada it can be digital as well. Will pick winner on Feb 23rd

J. D. Horn’s TLC Book Tours TOUR STOPS:

Monday, February 3rd:  The Whimsical Cottage
Tuesday, February 4th:  Books and Bindings
Wednesday, February 5th:  Mystery Playground
Thursday, February 6th:  The Reader’s Hollow
Monday, February 10th:  The Novel Life
Tuesday, February 11th:  Nerdophiles
Wednesday, February 12th:  Midnight Book Girl
Thursday, February 13th:  Florida Hillbilly
Monday, February 17th:  Cheryl’s Book  Nook
Tuesday, February 18th:  A Dream Within a Dream
Wednesday, February 19th:  Books Without Any Pictures
Thursday, February 20th:  Book Marks the Spot
Monday, February 24th:  Urban Girl Reader
Tuesday, February 25th:  Must Read Faster
Wednesday, February 26th:  Bibliophilia, Please
Monday, March 3rd:  Walking With Nora
Wednesday, March 5th:  From the TBR Pile
Thursday, March 6th:  A Novel Idea
Friday, March 7th:  Sweet Southern Home


traveler said…
Thanks for this great giveaway and feature. print would be lovely. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com
Carol said…
I really enjoyed this one. I though it was light and fun.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book for the tour.

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