A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition

I can remember watching all of the Charlie Brown television specials and reading all of the comics. These were some of my favorite comics to read. I felt sorry for Charlie Brown. He never got to kick the football and Lucy was so mean to him. Of course Lucy was mean to everyone.

If you are a fan of Charlie Brown and the gang and of Charles M. Schulz then you have to pick up a copy of this book. You will relive your childhood again (trust me the best parts of it are here). It is amazing how the A Charlie Brown Christmas special came to be created. It almost did not. The original idea was formed from the documentary "A Boy Named Charlie Brown". Coca-Cola was not sold on the documentary but instead was looking for a Christmas special and thus A Charlie Brown Christmas was created.

This book gives a nice insight into Mr. Schulz's life, the comic, the characters, and everything else Charlie related. This book would make the perfect gift.

Check out the book here


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