When Will the Heaven Begin?

To be honest, I might be one of the very few people who have never heard of Ben Breedlove. However when I heard about Ben and this book, I knew I had to read his story. First off let me say well done to Ally Breedlove. I can not imagine writing a book about your sibling who passed away. Ally wrote the story and finished the book with the help from Ken Abraham.

After reading this book, I now know why Ally and the Breedlove family felt the need to share Ben's story. Like I said, my first introduction to Ben is with this book. Although reading this book, I got close to Ben and the Breedlove family. It was like I could feel Ben's infectious humor and kindness and I could not help but smile.

I thought I would cry my eyes out reading this book but this did not happen. The reason is because this book is a celebration of Ben's life. It is not about the difficult situation he found himself facing. This is a book that everyone should read. When Will the Heaven Begin? is a keeper!



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