The Entity Who Came for Christmas is a sweet treat!

Pru Daniels opens the door at her friend's house to see the one person she wished that she never saw again...Simon Howell. What was Pru thinking dating Simon. Witches and Vampire Demon Hunters do not mix. Well at least Pru taught Simon a lesson that he will not soon forget. Pru cursed Simon. Now Simon has a bit of a impotence problem. Don't mess with a witch. Or at least break up on friendly terms.

This is a quick read. This novella while only less than 67 pages long reads like a full length book. Reading this novella makes me want to read the next book that much faster. I love the humor that Cat brings to all her characters. Also, I have to comment and say that her witches and vampire demon hunters are some of the sexiest characters living in Vamptown.

Pru and Simon had no lack of chemistry. In fact, they had so much that they could melt the snow and make it steam. It was great to see Zoe again as well. The Entity Who Came for Christmas is a sweet treat!


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