The Last Storyteller

Venetia has traveled back to Ireland. She is joined by her new husband. A man that is cruel and nothing like Ben. No matter where Venetia is, Ben always has her on his mind. Ben would go to the ends of the Earth for her. That is why; Ben goes on his last trip to reclaim Venetia as his forever.

The Last Storyteller is the last book about couple, Ben MacCarthy and his true love, Venetia Kelly. I have enjoyed reading these books. I instantly fell in love with Ben, Venetia and author, Delaney, when I picked up and read Venetia Kelly’s Traveling Show.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about these books was that Mr. Delaney was not only a great story teller but he had kind of a poetic way about him. He just brought all of the characters alive. The second book, The Matchmaker of Kenmare, I found to be a bit lacking but still a good book. This book made up for it. As I read these books, I am instantly transported back in time and it is like I am walking in Ben’s shoes. Ben may be soft spoken but he is a great narrator and he meets such interesting people. Ben and Venetia’s love is a time less one. They are meant for each other. I really felt like I got to know Ben and Venetia “the couple” versus Ben and Venetia. I am sad to see this trilogy come to an end but excited to see what Mr. Delaney will come out with next.


Kaye said…
Glad this one is better. I thought the Matchmaker of Glenmare took forever to get started so I was hesitant about this one.

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