Just a Minute

While I don’t have children of my own, I have several nieces and nephews that I get to see and spend time with. This is why I wanted to read this book. I enjoy playing with them and know that a child is important.

Mr. Stafford did a wonderful job of writing and sharing all the stories of children and the situations that he viewed and experienced. One of my favorite stories was of a little girl that Mr. Stafford encountered in Manado, Indonesia. Her name was Jessica. Mr. Stafford was visiting about 100 children there and wanted to show the children how much they mattered with Compassion. Mr. Stafford focused on a little girl named Jessica. He picked her up in his lab and asked the children if they knew what the little girl’s name was. They answered Jessica. Than Mr. Stafford proceeded to say that Jesus also knows Jessica’s name and every thing about her as he loved her. After Mr. Stafford was finished with his lesson, he put Jessica down. Although, it was kind of hard as she was hanging onto him. Later, Mr. Stafford was informed that about a month earlier, Jessica had been sexually violated and was untrusting. In that moment of Compassion, Jessica trusted Mr. Stafford.

This book teaches us other important lessons as well that anyone could use not just children. Although, it is very important to remember these lessons and instill them in our children as our actions teach them a lot. This book would make a good Bible study lesson guide.


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