If you want to “Get Lucky” and score big than pick up a copy of this book today.

Marc works for the family business…King Fugitive Apprehension. Marc King has not had a vacation in a while. He deserves this break. Marc takes of for some rest and relaxation in Aspen, Colorado. Though, Marc is not really looking to hook up with anyone while on vacation, he can not help but notice the sexy, woman at the front desk, who checks him in.

London Brooke works at the Elk Ridge Lodge. London notices Marc but does not act on the attraction. Besides, London receives a package that distracts her. When London learns who Marc is, she turns to him for help. This is when things start to really heat up.

Get Lucky is the second Bounty Hunter novel. I thought Play Dirty was hot but Get Lucky is sizzling! Marc and London kept things nice and spicy. Enough to melt the snow. This book had a nice even balance between the main plot and the romance between the main characters. The location was a perfect setting for this story. Of course, I don’t say this just because I live in Colorado and Aspen is a few hours drive me where I live. Marc seemed like he fit in better to the mountains in Colorado than where he came from in California. I can not wait to read the next Bounty Hunter novel. If you want to “Get Lucky” and score big than pick up a copy of this book today. You won’t regret it.


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