25 Years Ago Today

Review by Nancy (my friend and fellow reviewer)

25 Years Ago Today by Stacy Juba

Life has had unexpected twists and turns for Kris Langley. A loner, an apparent disappointment to her mother, floating from job to job (jobs that do not make Mom happy, by the way!) she has finally found a semblance of peace acting as assistant editor to her hometown newspaper.

Always affected by insomia, working nights is the perfect job for Kris. She edits the obits, weddings, etc., and researches the past for articles for her “25 Years Ago Today” byline in the paper. That’s when all the trouble begins again. 25 years ago, Diana Ferguson was brutally murdered and the crime remains unsolved. Kris takes it upon herself to go past her usual research and the murder takes on a life of its own.

She is embraced by Diana’s family as a possible end to all their questions. They don’t know that, when she was 12, Kris was affected similarly with a murder of her own – that of her cousin, Nicole. Kris has hid a secret all these years and she’s not about to tell now.

This is a wonderful story! Well written, great personality in the lead character and a mystery that doesn’t let up. The scenarios have you thinking someone did it, but he really didn’t. Someone else did, though and the end is a total surprise. My favorite kind!


Darlene said…
I just reviewed Sink or Swim today and loved it. I can't wait to read this one of hers as well.

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