Bathsheba is a loyal wife. She knows her duty as Uriah’s wife. Uriah is a military man for King David. Uriah worries that when he leaves again for war that Bathsheba won’t have anything to keep her occupied. Bathsheba and Uriah’s love is more about honor than it is about feelings.

While attending an event, Bathsheba meets King David. It is not long afterwards that Uriah leaves for war. It is at this time that King David can not get Bathsheba out of his mind. He sends for her and they end up sharing the night together. How will King David and Bathsheba handle the consequences of their actions?

Bathsheba is book three of the Wives of King David novels. This book can be read as a stand alone novel. Though, after reading this book, I do plan to check out books one and two. I know this sounds silly but I thought that King David was going to be domineering and I would not like him. This was not the incidence. In fact I fell in love with King David. I thought he was so kind to Bathsheba and had a very strong head on his shoulders. I could see how Bathsheba could give in to her feelings towards King David. Of course, it was easy as her husband; Uriah was more focused on his duties in the military than Bathsheba. This book is worth your time and money.

“Available March 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

Download an excerpt here.


I like the cover. The model is super gorgeous! I'll have to check these books out, they sound good.

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