Book Review: A Darkness Below


Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, this sequel to Willow Marsh is a gripping supernatural thriller filled with bizarre secrets, ferocious monsters, and haunting moments.

Willow Marsh seems like a sleepy town… But something dark lurks in the water.

Town legend says that hundreds of years ago all the children of Willow Marsh drowned in Birch Lake to feed a hungry Demon. When the lake boils, fireflies travel in massive herds, a giant creature roams the city, and children start to go missing, teenage Tessa and her friends believe the demon is back.

She holds the keys to stopping it. The problem is, there’s only one way to reach The Gray, the demon’s world beneath the lake.

Drown in the depths of its waters.

My Review

I will admit that in the beginning I was kind of struggling with this book. In fact, I even put it down and walked away for a while. I recently came back to this book and the second time was the charm. This time I was more focused and connected better to the characters.

My favorite was Reed. For a deceased person, he has a feisty spirit. Whenever he would appear, I would wait to see what would come out of his mouth. It was nice to see Tessa's father play an active role in this book as well. There are many young adult books where it is just the teens.

There is reference to Stranger Things. Which I am a fan of this television show. This is a time when the reference works. I did get some of the Stranger Things vibes; especially when the sheriff was involved as well. The story does pick up speed close to the halfway point of the story. Readers of the first book and this author will like this book.


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