Emily's New Everything


Overworked and underappreciated Emily Esposito thinks wrestling her young son Dante into his Halloween costume is her biggest worry—until her husband shows up with his new girlfriend and tells her their marriage is over. Emily’s waitressing job is suddenly in jeopardy when the diner is put on the market, and she anxiously wonders how she will pay her half of the mortgage. If that’s not enough, the dates she tentatively embarks on don’t turn out quite as well as she expected, and the support she seeks from her mother is met with acute disapproval.

Emily resolves to put three-year-old Dante first. Her sister Clara and best friend Michelle are her greatest cheerleaders while she works desperately to carve out a sunnier future for herself and her son. In her heart, Emily never stops dreaming of a man to grow old with and a true love to call her own.

My Review

This was such a sweet and enjoyable read. I loved (well most) of the characters in this book. There were a few that I was not a fan of. For example, Emily's ex-husband, his new girlfriend, and Emily's mom. Luckily, the interaction with most of them was minimal. 

Emily really grew into a strong woman towards the end of the story. I was clapping for her and had a smile on my face. Although, I have to just say that I knew the guy that Emily should and would end up with. Therefore, I was yelling at her the whole time to wake up and see what was in front of her. 

What I did like about this book is that Emily's ex did not play much of a part in this story. This way the story was more upbeat and truly about Emily. Thank goodness for friends like Michelle. Michelle was the comedic relief that I did not know that I needed in this story. Dare I mention the craft show and a specific set of dolls! Emily's New Everything is everything that I wanted and more. I look forward to reading more books by this author. 


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