No Place to Hide


Against hope, Smythe Windwalker Daniels anonymity is compromised and a threat has been made against her life. The danger impacts not only her life but the lives of those around her. She reluctantly accepts the FBI’s protection, hoping to testify and bring a promise of justice to a community.

Smythe is a woman with vision in her eyes and fire in her soul. From a young age, Smythe was discriminated against as a mixed race girl in a predominantly white neighborhood. She travels to Hawaii to escape the corporate rat race, only to get entangled in a pesticide poisoning cover-up attempt by a mega corporation. While on the run, she seeks to find meaning in events that now threaten her life. Through a series of misadventures she discovers how all events are all woven together in this tapestry called “life.”

As she uses her past experience to find meaning in her present, she begins to see beauty in the midst of chaos. But the harder she tries to hide, the more difficult it is to survive.

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-Release Date: Nov. 3, 2020
-Publisher: Made for Success Publishing
-ISBN-10: 1641464771
-ISBN-13: 978-1641464772
-Purchasing Details: "No Place to Hide" is available for Pre-Order on AmazonIndieboundBookshop, and Barnes & Noble.


My Review

I have to admit that I struggled with this book. Not really because of the premise but because of the lack of a strong character connection I was not finding. This actually makes me sad. There is something within the pages of this book that is good. I could see it. 

Smythe is an interesting character. There is layers to her that really wished that I could have found that emotional connection towards her. Yet, she was not the only character. It was the other ones as well. At times I did find myself maybe skimming at times to make the story progress faster in the hopes that I would find myself stopping to slow down because I found my "ah ha" moment. 

I am willing to give this book another try sometime in the future. Yet, I do appreciate that this book is geared towards the diversity reading coward and is a queer read. So readers looks for more of these types of books to read, may want to pick up a copy and read this for themselves. 



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Opa Hysea Wise is an American author, born to mixed race parents. She grew up across the fabric of the United States and currently resides out West.

As an adult, Opa understood the deep need for connection that we as humans have. Like so many people of color, she came to experience a sense of “otherness,” the longer she remained in the States. Those experiences fueled her desire to discuss diversity as the woven fabric within the American tapestry. She worked as a Training and Development specialist and manager in Government and Corporate organizations. Often tasked to develop and deliver diversity courses, Opa brought a sense of understanding, compassion and a call to action to her audience, with the firm knowledge that returning to the connection we all have as one body in this universe would be but one step to returning to love.



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