5,203 Things to Do Instead of Looking at Your Phone

 Because life is calling.

Put down your phone, close the lid on your laptop, and get back in touch with the wonders of the world around you. With thousands of ideas for simple, beautiful things to do instead of scrolling down the rabbit hole of cyberspace, this healing little book offers the opportunity, 5,203 times, to slow down, look up, and rediscover what makes you feel nourished and grounded as a human being. With illustrations throughout by Scot Ritchie.

And here are some ideas from the book to get you started:

Smile at a stranger
Put a bag in your car for litter
Write a letter to your future self
Plan a 24-hour liquid diet
Notice the air on your skin
Do calligraphy for a party invitation
Go for a silent drive
Make an accordion book
Plan a beach day
Visit a botanical garden 
Keep a journal of the most beautiful things you see
Talk to someone who needs company
Design a book cover
Watch a cat drink or eat

My Review

This is a fun guide book. During the current state of events in present day, this book helps to provide entertainment. It is a book  that the whole family can have fun with. Who knew there were so many things to do. A lot of them get you outside. 

This book is a good bonding one. There are so many ideas like teach someone to cook your favorite dish, or there is write backwards. How about go on a secret mission. Some of the ideas were really silly but funny. Like I did not know there is thirteen ways to fold a napkin. Cat lovers. Why not rig a cat feeding device.  There are tons more things to be found in this book. So, pick up a copy today and start having fun without electronic devices. 


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