Love on the Line

AJ finds it hard to trust another man’s intentions after being duped and dumped, so the last thing she wants is another in her life. But her friend has other ideas and sets her up with the perfect guy – through a chat-only service. Hesitant at first, AJ is lured in by the deep, sexy voice and fun banter that easily becomes a nightly habit. As their bond grows and she begins to fall hard for him, they make plans to meet face-to-face. With love on the line, will AJ decide to forgive him when he confesses to being part of the set-up?

My Review

While my main reading genre is mystery and suspense, I do enjoy romance novels including erotic novels. I will say that this book is not full hard core erotic but it is still H-O-T.

I thoroughly enjoyed AJ and Mathias. The concept of them meeting by telephone first before meeting in person is probably more of a novelty idea in the present day. Yes, everyone owns a cell phone but do we really talk on them that much. It seems it is more about texting. I know my husband is a professional with texting. I stumble along trying to text and could have a good conversation on the telephone then trying to try out a few bars of sentence.

Back to the book. The chemistry that sparked between AJ and Mathias was steamy but real as well. Then there are the sex scenes. They may be short but they are still sexy. Laura whips up a steamy, hot read with Love on the Line.


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