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Book Title: Held Together: A True Story of Love's Victory by Jenny Q
Category: Adult Non-Fiction; 456 pages
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: BookBaby
Release date: June 1, 2018
Tour dates: Sept 10 to 28, 2018
Content Rating: PG-13 + M (Graphic medical procedures, some bad language)

Book Description:

In January of 2014, Joshua Tree’s beloved village herbalist, Jenny Q. suddenly became seriously ill and rapidly descended into a coma with slender chance of survival. The shock of this news initiated an overwhelming outpouring of love, wit, service, practical magic and sharing of spiritual wisdom between those in her intimate desert community. Indeed it seemed that the entire group became one in their desperate effort and race against the clock to save her life.

While the words of others in the community tell the story in this book, it is Jenny’s own insightful writings that provide a fascinating window into a range of rare experiences. She gives us a unique glimpse into the mysterious worlds encountered while in a coma, the absolute alteration of losing one’s legs, the subtle venom of PTSD, the nightmare of withdrawal from prescription opiates, and the maddening frustration of having to re-learn basic skills previously taken for granted such as the ability to walk.

To read reviews, please follow the tour on Jenny Q's page on iRead Book Tours.

My Review

At first I was not sure if I liked the format of this book. It is told through a series of voices of people in Jenny's life from her family, friends, community members, and Jenny herself. Each person recounts how they are connected to Jenny from short one page moments to several pages long. Yet, the more I found myself reading this book; the more I realized that I really enjoyed this format. It brought me closer to Jenny as well her story. Additionally, everyone who shared their stories were great too.

What Jenny experienced was horrific. It is not something that you would want to wish on anyone. Yet, she had a very strong support group. This is important. The people in her life gave her strength to keep pushing.

Again due to the format of this book, I really was invested in this book. If you are a fan of memoirs, non fiction, or just really good books; than you will want to pick up a copy of this book to read.

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Meet the Author:

Jenny Q was born in Southern California to Palestinian immigrants. Her love of herbs began in her teens while on the road following the Grateful Dead. After exploring many heart homes, she set her roots in Joshua Tree, California, where she opened Grateful Desert, the local apothecary. Joyously sharing her life with her tight-knit desert community, Jenny lives with her beloveds~ Yazzy, her daughter and Myshkin, her wife.

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Jenny Q — Held Together


I went through a terrible health crisis, one in which I was in a coma, almost died repeatedly, and ended up losing my legs and other life-changing losses. I was in a hospital for months and in recuperation for many months after. It was a serious time indeed.

What got me through this dark time was humor. OK, lots of love and good medicine too, but without the ability to shift my perspective to see the humor- sometimes dark perhaps- I wouldn’t have had half the grace in surviving.

I write about a horrid experience in a plastic surgeon’s office, one in which the doctor was pointing out all the reasons my poor, broken body would benefit from a nip and tuck. In the midst of being horrified at being naked and pinched in front of a full length mirror, I was memorizing the experience so I could go home and belly-laugh with my good friends at the ridiculousness of the situation.


There were many times that I could have crawled in bed to never get up again if I took myself and my ego too seriously. Having a colostomy bag fall off in public, or a nephrostomy tube come loose at a New Year’s Eve party would have destroyed me in my young adulthood, so I thank all the deities out there that I have a hardy sense of humor in my tool belt.

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Unknown said…
I was reading your book with eagerness and excitement. It drew me in right away and it was hard to put down.
How you and Myshkin got through this ordeal in one piece is a testimony to your love, courage and commitment toward each other.
I commend you for the commitment to truth and giving the whole picture of your journey together as well. You didn’t leave out the challenging parts in terms of family dynamics, homophobia, depression, medication dependencies or medical challenges like the colostomy. I’m amazed at your courage and refusal to give up or give in to the wish to rather die than live.
I think this book should be a must read for high school student, standing as example for what we can live through and still thrive, helping them to prepare for anything that life might throw them.

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