The Last Word

Police Chief Brill Jessup can’t wait for her daughter, Vanessa to come home from college. Brill hasn’t seen Vanessa for a while. When Vanessa comes home, Brill realizes that a lot has changed like…Vanessa is pregnant. Unfortunately for Brill, the family reunion will have to wait. A killer is on the loose and he is knocking off all of Brill’s officers one by one. Can’t Brill stop the killer before it is too late and can she forgive her daughter for getting pregnant?

The Last Word is book two in the Sophie Trace trilogy. I have not read book one but this fact didn’t take away from me enjoying this book. Though, I do plan to check out book one as well as book three. Police Chief Brill Jessup is strong but she shows in this book that even the strong need a little help every one in a while. From the first moment I started reading this book, I had a hard time putting it down. The story line and characters are both interesting in a good way. This book picks up speed as you move along. I recommend reading this book when you have lots of time on your hands as you are going to want to finish this book in one sitting and that is The Last Word. I can tell you that I never would have predicted the ending. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


Book Dilettante said…
I review crime fiction too and this sounds like a good one.

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