Nobody's Perfect

Ok, so I have seen this book popping up all over the internet. I knew I just had to read it for myself. So what is the book you ask? It is Perfect on Paper by Maria Murnane. Read my review below and than come back tomorrow for my interview with Maria.

Waverly Bryson has just been dumped by her fiancé. Waverly is through with men. Luckily for Waverly she has friends like Andie and McKenna to help her pick up the pieces. Friends are great but nothing beats a couple good stiff drinks. Just one piece of advice and that is “Always drink in moderation”; unfortunately for Waverly she should have followed this advice, especially while attending a business event. Not a great way to represent Jag, the company Waverly works for in the sports public relation’s department. For Waverly not all is lost when she meets Jake. To find out if Waverly and Jake hook up, you will have to read Perfect on Paper for yourself.

Waverly has got to be one of the most hilarious characters I have met. When she around, you can guarantee there will never be a dull moment. One of my other favorite characters is Scott, Waverly’s best gay guy friend. Every girl needs to have at least one good gay friend in their lives.

Ok, so you want to know when you can tell if the book you are reading is a winner? I read a few of the Honey notes to my husband and he started laughing. When your man thinks the book you are reading is laugh out funny, that’s when you know you have a winner in your hands. I couldn’t get enough of Waverly and to see what the next day would bring for her. Right after I finished reading Perfect on Paper, the next day I already was recommending this book to my friend. Maria Murnane’s Perfect on Paper is a must read. If you aren’t reading this book than shame on you as you are missing out on some great laughs. I hope Maria’s next book also features Waverly.

I want to thank Tracee for letting me host.


The Bookworm said…
great review, I liked this one too.
And Maria Murnane is a sweetheart.

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