Book Review: Her Secret Hope


Almost two years after Lilly Kurtz first traveled to Pinecraft, Florida, with friends, she's decided to make a fresh start there. She's ready to be new-and-improved Lilly, a Lilly without a past, a Lilly with no secrets. At first, everything goes well. She gets a job, her coworkers feel like family, and she enjoys reconnecting with her friends. But it turns out the past is reluctant to be left behind.

When Lilly meets hardworking farmer Eddie Byler, she can't get him off of her mind. But then she discovers that Eddie actually lives just a few miles from her hometown in Ohio. Lilly knows that he's not going to like it when he finds out what secrets she's been running from. And she knows she could never follow the man she's falling in love with back to a place where she's never felt accepted.

Will Lilly have to give up on love in order to find peace? Or could it be that love is actually the solution to all of her problems?

My Review

I have read a handful of books by this author and always enjoy reading a book by Shelley. She infuses such life into her characters. I have not read the prior two books in this series but after reading this book, I did want to go back and read the prior two books to get to better know Betsy and Mary's stories. 

I really felt for Lilly and the decision she was struggling to make when it came to Eddie and her past. I could understand her hesitation, but I do believe she was coming from a right place in how she handled things. Eddie is a nice guy and genuine. 

I liked seeing these two interact with each other. Lilly was the bolder one but as time went on Eddie came out of his introverted shell. It was lovely to see their relationship blossom. If you are a fan of Shelley's then you will enjoy this newest book. 


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