Book Review: Love and Order

 She’s keeping secrets—and he has the answers she doesn’t know she needs.

Finn Maguire may be the baby of his close-knit family, but this former Navy SEAL has never shied away from a challenge. Now a lawyer with a plan to practice business law, he’s ready for a normal life. The coveted junior partner position is his next goal—but he’s pitted against the enigmatic woman he’s spent two years admiring from afar, and he can’t resist his desire to learn more.

Hailey Adams grew up in foster care, where she learned how to avoid danger. Her intense self-discipline and vow to never let anyone make her feel vulnerable again have landed her one case away from the security of partnership at a prestigious D.C. firm. But teaming with the charming Finn tests her well-honed ability to keep people at a distance.

Finn finally breaks through Hailey’s walls just in time for her to find out he kept the biggest secret of all. Will this be a case Finn loses, or can Hailey learn to trust the first person who’s made her feel safe?

My Review
I liked this book. I found it a charming romance. Hailey and Finn shared some steamy passion. It only got hotter once they both gave into their attraction for one another. Before then, it was a very slow burn romance. In fact, it truly took me about the halfway point to really envision Hailey and Finn as a couple.

Finn the gentleman is great, but I also wanted him to make a move sooner. However, I do respect that he was very in tune to Hailey's feelings. The latter half of the story is where I really did enjoy this book the most. 

While Hailey and Finn are the main characters of this book, I do want to give a shout out to Finn's family. They are a warm and friendly bunch. People that you definitely want to be friends with but not compete against in family games. The competitness is fierce. 


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