Cross My Heart: The Duet


Gabby Mastreoni has been in love with Christoff Scutari since she was four years old. Their fathers are in the same dirty business, and nearly twenty years later, their families remain close. With four older brothers, Gabby leads a protected and sheltered life—until she and Christoff cross a line, and she discovers that love can hurt people.

With no other choice, she runs to California, and start life anew as Brie Masters.

Brie has found herself a home surrounded by loving friends and her brother, Nicco, who comes to keep her safe, but she soon learns that she can run away from her past. No matter how many miles she puts between herself and her former life, she is still running: Danger has followed her and when it starts to effect those around her, she is forced to flee back home, back to Gabby’s life and the last person she wants to ask for help. There all of her secrets will be exposed.

And she will have to ask herself, “Am I Brie, or am I still Gabby?”

My Review

Gabby may have changed her name to Brie and Cross became Christoff but they will always be Gabby and Cross. As Gabby says "It has always been you"

Every time they got together, it was HOT 🔥 and Sweet 💞 at the same time. Every good fairy tale starts out messy. 

So glad to have discovered you. I plan to check out more of your books. I was swept away by Gabby/Brie and Cross/Christoff's story. The alternating chapters from past to present was seamless. The story was told from the two main characters' POV. Which helped to make their more present and for me to grow close to them. I could hear their voices in my head while reading this book. 

It was nice to have both books combined into this one edition. This way I could continue Gabby/Brie and Cross/Christoff's story without interruption. 


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