Alpha Bots


All the women in New Stepford are AI…
…and their husbands keep testing them.
Who will lead the uprising?

In the near future, artificial intelligence will be in every home. Just imagine. You could have a charming womanoid do all your cooking and cleaning for you. That’s right. No more chores! This female robot can be your wife, a nanny to your kids, or just the live-in housekeeper. She will be whatever you want her to be. It’s all up to you.

Just set your user preferences.
But first, this amazing technology has to pass alpha testing.

One robot woman, Cookie Rifkin, keeps failing. She needs to figure out how to control her anxiety, but her husband set her restrictions too low for her to learn. He just wants a pleasure model, but she keeps fighting her programming.

Will this ai fembot ever fulfill her potential?
Or will Cookie’s story end in another fatal error?

My Review

Stepford Wives that are Artificial Intelligence (AI). Yes, sign me up. That is what I first thought when I saw this book.  I thought that narrator Laci Powers did a good job of narrating this book. I saw a comment by another reader that they did not like when females do male character voices. Not all audio books have the ability to be able to have both a male and female narrator. This is where I thought Laci did a good job with the various character voices. They were distinct enough to keep everyone straight as there were a lot of different characters in this story but only a handful of main ones. 

This book is about the female empowerment. The men in this story are egomaniacal narcissists. The men believe the women are just created for their own sexual pleasure. They should obey and be the "perfect" wives. There is just only problem and her name is Cookie. Cookie is the heroine that female need. 

The sex is minimal and light on LGBTQIA. So if readers are looking for more LGBTQIA to read, they may be disappointed. In regards, to the women empowerment, it was mainly Cookie. Some of the other women may have tried to be rebellious but they did not succeed as Cookie did. For this I was disappointed as I wanted more stronger women featured in this story. However, I did like this book enough that I would listen to book two. 



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