So Embarrassing: Awkward Moments


SO EMBARRASSING: Awkward Moments and How to Get Through Them 
ISBN 978-1-5235-1017-7 ۰ $12.95 US

A graphic novel that makes embarrassment into something hilarious – and normal.
You’re not alone! No way are you the first kid who ever tripped and fell in public. Or spilled water on your pants so it looked like… you know! For those moments and more, here’s, the book that understands what you’re going through when you get caught farting in class.
Laugh-out-loud funny yet enormously compassionate, So Embarrassing is a comics-style compilation of stories about awkward and embarrassing situations for kids. Written and drawn by Charise Mericle Harper, the bestselling creator of the Just Grace series, So Embarrassing combines humor, science facts (what happens when we blush, for example), tips for quickly recovering from a cringe-worthy situation, and practical advice––like what to say to comfort a totally embarrassed friend.

My Review

This is a fun book. It is styled in a comic book fashion. It touches on many different topics...farting, blushing, falling over, food stick in your teeth, wetting/spilling something on your pants, and other embarrassing moments. 

The moments are embarrassing as readers can relate. I know that I have experienced many of the same moments found within the pages of this book. Each situation is presented with a "polite" way of reacting to the situation. While, the reactions to the situations are good; I did find some of them to be just plain silly. Like for example: Spilling something on your pants which looks like your wet them. The response was to add water to your pants. However, put the water on your pants in fun designs so it looks like it was on purpose. Examples: Make polka dots or zebra stripes but don't wet your pants all the way as it is uncomfortable to walk in wet pants. 

Although, I did find myself laughing several times throughout this book. This book is definitely a coffee table book that is fun to flip through. A conversation starter. 

Can you share an embarrassing story of your own? 

Where to start. I might be something of a personal expert on embarrassment—it doesn’t take much to make me blush.   

My first big embarrassing school moment was in third grade. I was a shy kid in social situations and felt more confident in the structure of the classroom where there were rules. I loved my teachers and was the kid who always wanted to please. We had double desks lined up towards the front of the room. One day, mid-morning, there was a knock on the door and the teacher introduced us to a new student. We’ll call him Bob. Bob looked nervous and shy, but I wasn’t interested in Bob, I was watching my teacher. I was ready to please. When she asked, Who can share the empty seat next to them with Bob? my hand had shot straight up. The whole class watched Bob walk over and scoot into the seat next to me. Then they watched him lean over and kiss the left shoulder of my sweater! I was horrified! It spurred an entire year of teasing and taunting. I’m sure Bob’s kiss was the result of terrified gratitude, but I never wore that sweater again. 

I have also mistakenly used the men’s room, attended a birthday party not realizing it was a birthday party—so I was the only one who did not bring a 
gift—spilled juice on my pants in the not-good area, shared a secret by accident, cut in line (not on purpose), waved at people I don’t know, and the list goes on. 


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