Dark Tournament Trailer Reveal

All champions fight for glory. He will fight for love.
Cast into hell and imprisoned in the Castle, Drake must accept the fact that he needs to obey the queen’s rules to survive, even if that means daily battles in the Opalion, a ruthless tournament held in a bewitched arena. The sensual rewards offered prisoners for their performance blunt his desire to escape. And they’re not the only incentive to stay: the Castle walls don’t just keep him inside—they keep everything else outside.

But when Drake learns that his true love has been damned and now wanders alone through the wilds of hell, his ambivalence vanishes. To find her, he must venture beyond the walls of the Castle and discover the true price of survival.

To save her, he must face the darkest of tournaments.
A heart-pounding tale full of monsters, zombies . . . and love. Perfect for fans of Game of Thrones, The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games.
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