The Hyperion Web

The Hyperion Web is a fast-paced thriller filled with geopolitical intrigue, cyber technology, treachery, mayhem, gallantry and friendship.
.Two master spies
..A one-eyed warrior
...An emerging artificial intelligence
.…A mysterious hermit
…..An unknown enemy
.…..A city in ruins
.…….A countdown to disaster

Washington, D.C. is in ruins, but no group has come forward to claim responsibility for the attack. How can the government protect against an unseen enemy with unknown motives? In their hour of need, they turn to the one man who may be able to help them, a man who may have already unknowingly encountered the enemy.

Jack Crockett, former Special Forces legend, must find the enemy and stop them, but his initial attempts hit dead ends. He seeks advice from the mysterious Lazerus, but is nearly killed by forces manipulated by the enemy, Hyperion. They are everywhere and nowhere. Who are they and what do they want? And what else are they planning? Undeterred, Crockett pursues answers from one side of the country to the other, aided by a new companion, ex-marine Meriwether ‘Pico’ Lewis. Their queries lead them deep into a quagmire of institutional roadblocks and hidden dangers.

Back from Tahiti, Avery Jones is doing his best to get over the loss of the woman he knows as Lisa McShane. By order of the President, he is driving his team to make Project Sentinel operational in order to defend against Hyperion. Sentinel’s cyber core, Moses, is a remarkable achievement in artificial intelligence. But will Moses be enough to even the odds against their unseen foe? And how will the enemy counter Sentinel’s awakening?

The race is on to stop Hyperion before the enemy gets what it really wants. But what is that?

My Review

This is a very smart book. What I mean by this is that Mr. Mitchell wrote this book so that the storyline was believable without being over the top or too technical. It just goes to show you that sometimes keeping things simple is the best.

The story started out strong and kept that pace throughout the whole story. Therefore, it was easy to read this book and stay in the moments. Additionally, it did not hurt that the characters were strong and engaging. I appreciated that besides Jack that there was plenty of strong, intelligent women featured in this book as well. Speaking of character, there was a good hand full of them but they were introduced not all at the same time. Although, even if they had been it was easy to kept them all straight with different voices.

Than there was the different agencies: Hyperion, CIA, Homeland Security, and Project Sentinel to name a few. I have read some books where it felt like there was too many competing agencies or that the people running them were not up to par. Yet, each agency had a purpose in this story. Fans of political or international thrillers will enjoy this book. Yet, I will not just limit the reading audience to these readers. Anyone looking for a good read in general should pick up a copy of this book.


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