Ready, Set, Rogue


When scholarly Miss Ivy Wareham receives word that she’s one of four young ladies who have inherited Lady Celeste Beauchamp’s estate with a magnificent private library, she packs her trunks straightaway. Unfortunately, Lady Celeste’s nephew, the rakish Quill Beauchamp, Marquess of Kerr, is determined to interrupt her studies one way or another...

Bequeathing Beauchamp House to four bluestockings—no matter how lovely they are to look at—is a travesty, and Quill simply won’t have it. But Lady Celeste’s death is not quite as straightforward as it first seemed…and if Quill hopes to solve the mystery behind her demise, he’ll need Ivy’s help. Along the way, he is surprised to learn that bookish Ivy stirs a passion and longing that he has never known. This rogue believes he’s finally met his match—but can Quill convince clever, skeptical Ivy that his love is no fiction?

My Review

The beginning of this book was a hoot. Lily and Quill's first interaction with each other was entertaining. I liked that Lily was ignorant of Quill and not impressed by his status. She was more worried about her books and not afraid to speak up. I would have done the same thing in her situation. I don't like it when people touch my books. So I especially would not have put up with leaving them behind because my ride had no room. I would have found another way to get to my destination.

Yet, after Quill and Lily's first meeting. I had lost some of my luster for this book. The mystery aspect of this book was a nice touch but it was lost by the uninteresting other characters in this story. After, a while Quill and Lily were thrown into this category as well. Although, as stated this book did have some good features about it that did keep me reading.


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