Final Flight

On a clear, cold night high above Asia, a China Air passenger jet disappears from radar. An anomaly, a fluke, an unsolvable puzzle-and then a couple of hours later, it happens again.

A former member of the U.S. intelligence community, author Eric Anderson takes us to 2023 in his new book FINAL FLIGHT (Dunn Books: June 9, 2020), and picks up where real-life Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 left off. What happened to that airplane and all the people aboard?

Former Air Force maintenance officer Jason Montgomery and his erstwhile wrench-twister, Rob "Ski" Kalawski, have just landed the gig of their lives. China Air's aging fleet of Boeing 777s now desperately needs navigation hardware and software upgrades. It's a multimillion-dollar contract, and they're just the guys to do it. Too easy, right?

The Japanese firm supplying the gear knows the Chinese will reverse-engineer and steal it, so they've planted a deadly navigation bug to trigger at the first sign of theft. Jason's just the middleman, but he finds himself trapped between yakuza gangsters, a tattooed dragon-lady sales exec, and murderous Russian mobsters looking to make a profit on the missing airplanes and passengers. If these crazies don't start behaving like moral adults, people are going to die by the hundreds . . . and they do.

FINAL FLIGHT, the latest prescient tale from the man who brought us the “New Caliphate” trilogy Osiris, Anubis and Horas as well Byte, might make you think twice before boarding the next plane.

My Review

The concept for this book definitely got me excited. I have read a few other books like this and they were good. So I was excited to check out this one. While, the idea that technology could exist that would can divert an aircraft off radar is scary. In fact, I can believe this happening if the technology does not already exist. That is part of what makes this book so interesting.

This book would have been much better if I had felt a bond with the characters. There was not really a single person in the whole book that I felt close to. Therefore, the different voices were just that...voices. They did not really have faces or anyone that I was rooting for.

While, I might not have loved this book, the believability of the plot is why I did read this book. For this reason, I say you might give this book a look.


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