Dwarf Story

First, Arty finds a sweaty, bearded ax-swinging warrior Dwarf scaring his dogs. Soon enough, Emma, Cry, and other middle-school friends also find fairy creature—Elves, Spriggans, Pixies, and a hoped-for Dragon—crashing into their normal homework-doing, backpack-carrying, phone-charging schooldays. Why are these magical beings here? What should be done? Is that ax sharp?

Can Pixies be given aspirin? Arty, with his friends—and spying jerks and questionable strangers with long names—follow the clues and try to find out, even as things turn dark and dangerous. The mythical beings take sides. The Gwyllion, that legendary Old Woman of the Mountains, has a sinister plan that will turn the neighborhood into a fantasy battleground.

My Review

This is a fun and entertaining book. Middle grade readers as well as adults can both enjoy this book together.  The grand adventure that Arty, Emma, and his other friends found themselves in the middle of was one for the story books.

The characters are very relatable. They act their age but I am fine with that. In what I mean by this, is the fact that they were not childish or tried to act older. Well except for Arty as Emma would point out in the beginning. Yet, as the story went on, Arty's intelligent did come in handy. When it came to everyone they were great. However, Cry (yes, this is his name) does live up to his name.

I look forward to reading more books that Gertrude Marplot writes from her Great Grand-dad, W.W Marplot collection of stories.


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