Sharks in the Runway

Sharks in the Runway: A Seaplane Pilot's Fifty-Year Journey Through Bahamian Times! 

Captain Paul Harding moved with his family to the Bahamas when he was just twelve. He fell in love with his exotic new home immediately and this epic memoir pays tribute to his passion for island life, his ecclectic friends and family, and the extraordinary career he has forged from the sea and the skies.
Paul became a qualified Charter Boat Captain and Open Water Scuba Instructor, founding the award winning day-trip diving company Diving Safaris, Ltd in 1976. In 1989 he followed this success by ordering a seaplane and learning how to fly; Safari Seaplanes has since become the stuff of Bahamian legend, flying people from all walks of life to sundrenched locations, including politicians and even superstars like Johnny Depp, who Paul counts as a close friend. 
A diver, pilot, captain, husband, father and friend; Paul Harding is a superb storyteller whose tales of island adventures are sure to capture the imagination.
My Review
This book is definitely a memoir. Mr. Harding does not leave out any details of his life from a child to an adult. I have never been to the Bahamas, yet after reading this book I felt like I had just came back from there as well as the other places that Mr. Harding visited. I could see the charm of why Mr. Harding did not leave the island. 
I must admit though that while I enjoyed reading this book, I felt like there was almost too many details. It was a lot to take in at times as I found myself struggling a bit. This is because there were some moments that I found more interesting then others. Therefore, when I got to the moments that were a little less interesting to me, the pace of the story slowed down. For me, it was mostly when Mr. Harding spoke of his times in the plane. I am an aviation fan. So for me, reading about people flying fascinates me. I have been in a regular plane but not a seaplane. I would like to some day go in one. For anyone who enjoys reading memoirs, you may want to check out this book.


About the author: After being raised and educated in the United Kingdom, Paul Harding relocated to the Bahamas where he became a certified scuba instructor and opened his own business. After a lifelong interest in flying, he earned his commercial pilot’s license and started Safari Seaplanes in 1990, the first charter seaplane business in the country, which he ran for over twenty years. Now retired, Harding currently resides in Nassau, Bahamas and still flies privately.

He has previously written for Water Flying Magazine and this is his first book



Paul Harding said…
Thank you for hosting my autobiography Cheryl. Really appreciate the input and know you will definitely have to fly in a floatplane one day and visit our fair shores!
Best Wishes.

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