Never Tell Our Business to Strangers

There are many memoirs currently available to read but how many people can say that their father was wanted by the FBI and who used to be a business associate with Joey Gallo, a big time mobster before the Gotti family. Author and nighttime news assistant of the New York Times, Jennifer Mascia calls this life.

When Jennifer was a little girl, she can remember a time when the FBI came to arrest her father right before Christmas. Jennifer asked her mother’s boss if this was real and her mother’s boss responded that this was not real and they were filming a movie. Though, Jennifer wanted so hard to believe him, Jennifer knew that what was happening was for real.

Due to her father’s involvement with drugs, mobsters and shooting someone, Jennifer and her family were always on the move. They live in California, Florida, and New York. Even with all of the things Jennifer’s father did, he was still a good father to Jennifer and her mother. People can change.

I read this book in one sitting. I found it fascinating that I couldn’t stop reading. For the short time I was reading this book, I felt like I was part of Jennifer’s family. Part of this was due to the family pictures included throughout this memoir. Jennifer’s father was a nice guy. I am not usually a fan of memoirs but I was a fan of this one. So glad that Ms. Mascia decided to go ahead and share about her family and childhood unlike the title of this book…Never Tell Our Business to Strangers.


bookaholic said…
I love your choice of books! They are always so fascinating and different from what the others are reading..Thanks for spreading the word about great books :)

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