Book Review: Soul Archaeology


With the help of this powerful guidebook, meet your ultimate You and cultivate real self-acceptance and true self-love in the present moment. 

You want to love yourself. You want to let go of feeling invisible or unworthy or alone.  You want to break free of others’ expectations (and your own) and live life on your terms . Let’s do it!

In this highly anticipated debut, plus-size personal growth trailblazer Sarah Sapora redefines self-love, offering the knowing nod, the deep cleansing breath, and the older sister wisdom which women of all sizes have been waiting for. Soul Archaeology begins with a simple, illuminating “What’s hurting me right now?”  Acting as your guide, Sapora helps you through the sticky, liberating process of self-discovery to uncover your Ultimate You, allowing you Weaving together practical, transformative guidance with her own deeply personal narrative, Soul Archaeology teaches readers to cast off the chains of traditional Before-and-After thinking so often found in self-improvement. Instead, it offers a strategy for self-accountability, honesty, and compassion that can help each of us to grow into our greatest selves–a person not defined by weight or age, but by our commitment to a more loving, honest, and powerful life.

My Review

Instantly, as soon as I picked up this book, it was like I could feel Sarah's positive vibes. It was like a warm hug reading this book. Although, this book is one that you actually don't want to just read straight through. It is more of a workbook for yourself. One that you read at your own pace so that you can reflect on what Sarah is sharing. In fact, you could read in any order or refer back too many times.

Spread throughout the book are sections called "Dig Site". This is where Sarah provides extra insight into each chapter and that topic that many times, I would shake my head and go "um ha" in agreement.  

To sum up this book..."Self-love is the Foundation for Everything"


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