Blazing Bedtime Stories

Review by Nancy

Take a dog groomer, a hot private eye and a totally un-cute dog and you have the makings of Wild Thing, a short novel by Tawny Weber. Andrea is the groomer, proud of creating her own business out of financial crises. Percy is the PI and the doggy is called Medusa.

Ah, but this Medusa doesn’t have snakes in her head, she has DREADLOCKS. Probably a good thing since she is a Chinese Crested and they have no hair on this bodies except head and tail! Medusa has gone missing and, which Percy was trying to go on vacation, he figures he can use the cash and how hard can it be to find a dog? Not nearly as simple as he thinks.

Medusa is right in the middle of her parents’ divorce and both want her. They don’t like her but the WANT HER, just the same. She was stolen from Andrea’s grooming parlor and the bad guy left her tied up and hysterical and, unfortunately for him – MAD!! Nothing will do but Percy has to help Andrea find Medusa. Again, not simple. She doesn’t want his help since they had “a night” and she left. He didn’t want her to but the misunderstanding rolls throughout the book.

A fun, chick-lit tale of romance and dognapping. It appears in a book called Blazing BedTime Stories, Volume VII with a tale by Rhonda Nelson called The Steadfast Hot Soldier which is as good as this one. Take it to the lake!


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