Book Review: Hunt the Wood

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We are thrilled to share Hunt the Wood with all of you today! This is the first in the Beautiful Nightmares series by Anna Fury and Amy Pennza, each story is a MM dark romance fairy tale retelling, Read on for more details!

Anna Fury

Hunt the Wood: An MM Red Riding Hood Retelling (Beautiful Nightmares #1) Publication Date: April 25th, 2023 Genre: MM Dark Fantasy Romance/ Fairy Tale Retelling I’m not a powerful witch, just a fortune teller making ends meet. But when my grandmother, the leader of the Rathmore Coven, summons me, I have no choice but to answer her call. To reach her, I must cross the Wood, the realm of Wotan, lord of the hunt. Rumors of his cruelty and brutality precede him, but nothing prepares me to meet the monster face to face. Because Wotan is more than a monster. He’s a predator, a bully, and now he’s claimed me as his pawn in his war against my grandmother. A master of torture, he’s determined to master me, stripping me bare of all my secrets. Yet as much as I fear him, I’m drawn to him. His rough edges conceal a softer side—and I find myself wondering if I can be the one to finally tame him. With my life hanging in the balance, I’ve got to fight to uncover the truth about Wotan, my grandmother…and maybe my own destiny. Add to Goodreads Available on Amazon

My Review
I have recently discovered author, Anna Fury. She has quickly become a favorite author of mine. This new spicy, retelling series with author, Amy Pennza is one to definitely pick up. There is so much goodness happening between Woton and Ryder.

I never knew how much I needed a gender reversal story until this book. Honestly, the heat that is coming from these pages could light a fire. Love the domineering charisma of Woton. Yet, Ryder is not to be discounted out even if he started out as a prisoner of Woton. I will not think of Little Red Riding Hood in the same light again thanks to Anna Fury and Amy Pennza.

About the Authors

headshot-01 copy Anna Fury is a North Carolina native, fluent in snark and sarcasm, tiki decor, and an aficionado of phallic plants. Visit her on Instagram for a glimpse into the sexiest wiener wallpaper you’ve ever seen. #ifyouknowyouknow She writes any time she has a free minute – walking the dog, in the shower, ON THE TOILET. The voices in her head wait for no one. When she’s not furiously hen-pecking at her computer, she loves to hike and bike and get out in nature. She currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her Mr. Right, a five year old tornado and one lovely old dog. Anna LOVES to connect with readers, so visit her on social or email her at Anna Fury


Amy Pennza is a USA Today Bestselling Author of spicy paranormal romance. After years in Tornado Alley, she now makes her home in the Great Lakes region with her husband and five children. Amy Pennza 

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