Book Review: Challenge Me: Breaking


Challenges, I love them, heck I thrive on them, and Jason knows exactly how to challenge me in all the right ways.

Despite his harsh and secretive exterior, each time I see him, I want more of him.
He is infuriating, pushes all my buttons, and constantly challenges me...but God can he kiss.
I know just how to give it back to him with my quick quips and my flirty antics.

She is so beautiful and she doesn't even know it.
She always has some quick quip and smart remark for me, but the things that I want to do to that smart mouth in return are anything but smart for a man in my position.
My temper and the secrets I have will probably be our undoing and ultimately be what breaks us.

This steamy adult romance is sure to please with its fun and flirty characters, swim team antics, second chances, and love triangles. But, will passion be enough to save Lizzy and Jason from heartbreak?

Elizabeth Dixon greets her freshman year of college just as everyone else does: with high expectations and hope for positive new experiences. She’s quickly confronted with new challenges in her social life, school work, and swim team, but her biggest challenge will be dealing with her best friend’s roommate Jason—who’s also her teammate.

Jason Green knows how to push all of Elizabeth’s buttons and never passes the opportunity to let her know that they will never be more than teammates. That is, until one unexpected kiss after practice changes everything. Despite his harsh and secretive exterior, Jason has a softness when it comes to Elizabeth, but will he allow himself to open up enough to keep her by his side?

Their newfound back-and-forth relationship brings more tribulations than Elizabeth is willing to bear, and Jason’s ill-temper might not be strong enough to carry the extra weight. Will their passion for one another be enough to withstand their issues, or will heartbreak be another challenge to break Elizabeth?

My Review

For a college age romance this is a good one. I say this just because personally I can't stand when the characters act too much their age but in this case that was not a problem. Yes, Lizzy did come off as a freshman, but it was not too overwhelming that it turned me off. In fact, in this case, I liked that Lizzy was not well versed in men. 

I too like Lizzy in the beginning thought Jason was going to be trouble. You could just feel the vibes he was giving off. Yet, you could not help but be drawn to him at the same time. Although, I will say that Lizzy and Jason's relationship is an angsty one. Which I look forward to continuing their story with the next book. 


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