The Age of Treachery

It is the winter of 1946, and after years of war, ex-Special Operations Executive agent Duncan Forrester is back at his Oxford college as a junior Ancient History Fellow. But his peace is shattered when a much-disliked Fellow is found dead in the quad, stabbed and pushed from an upper window. A don is suspected and arrested for the murder, but Forrester is not convinced of his friend’s guilt. On the hunt for the true killer, he finds himself plunged into a mystery involving lost Viking sagas, Satanic rituals and wartime espionage.

My Review

I have never read anything by this author before. Yet, I liked this book. Duncan has a good keen sense about him. He was able to pick up on details. Also, I found that he was not easy rattled by anything. Plus, I was feeling the time period that this mystery took place in. In the beginning the book started out good. I was really getting into the groove of the story and the pacing. I was reading going along just fine and then the story started to lose some of its luster. I still enjoyed the book but I was not as invested in what was happening all the time. Yet the ending was a good one. I would consider trying this author's work out again.


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