A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer

When the CEO of Zynx, a high-tech startup company, is found dead at his desk, determined Detective “Frankie” Ryan is assigned the case. She learns that everyone entering and leaving the super-secure building is logged in and out automatically—it would take a ghost to get through that kind of security. She enlists reluctant gossip columnist and ace reporter for the Midnight Whisperer, Josh Harrell, to help her solve the case. After all, he has his own ghostly assistant, a seductive spirit that only he can see. But can she save Josh and Frankie from the killer’s bullet?

My Review

I am always in the mood for a good mystery story. Which is why when I got the chance to read this book I was looking forward to it. Also, the aspect of Josh having a ghostly assistant intrigued me. The book started out fine. I did some of the humor that Josh brought to the story. Plus his assistant added to the story as well and was refreshing. Yet, I really struggled with this book. Yeah if you are a cozy mystery reader than you may like this book as there is not a lot of blood and gore like the suspense mystery books. So this is a good thing. Every once in a while I would see a glimmer of something good but for me I could never find that connection with any of the characters in the story. Thus the reason that I struggled with this book. Which for being about 242 pages long this book is actually a shorter book than most others that I read. So it should have been no problems. However, like I said from the little that I did like I would consider trying this author again.


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