A Surrey State of Affairs

Constance Harding is wife and mother to two grown children. This does not mean that Constance isn’t still trying to meddle in their lives. Her daughter, Sophie, is a wild child and her son, Rupert has his own ideas of settling down and starting a relationship. Constance’s husband is too busy trying to avoid their Lithuanian housekeeper, Natalia and her under garments. What is a woman to do?

I found this book not as entertaining and as funny as I had hoped but still, it did provide me with some laughs. I found the moments involving Constance’s Lithuanian housekeeper, Natalia. The language barrier between Natalia and Constance was great. One of my favorite moments was when Constance attempted and I say the word attempted lightly, to explain to Natalia that she needed to dry her under garments in private. Constance even tried to draw a diagram so that Natalia would understand. It obviously did not work as the next day, Constance’s poor husband walked into a room with Natalia dusting wearing nothing but her under garments!

I did enjoy the idea of reading this book though the eyes of Constance via her blog entries. It was more like reading diary entries. The entries were short, which made this book a quick read. You would sit down to start reading this book, even if you may not fully like it but before you knew it, you could already been a third of the way into the book. Sadly, there was the down side of this book and this was that I found most of the other characters uninteresting like Constance’s husband or I wanted to spank Constance’s daughter for acting like a spoiled brat. This was a nice effort by Ceri Radford, on her first novel.


Carol said…
It sounded like a good concept, but it seems like it doesn't quite lives up to its promise. I'm not sure that I like the idea of reading a book with blog entries.

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