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To begin with make sure your calendar is clear before you open this book – that’s how great it is. Jennifer is charged with a horrible task for a teenager – finding out secrets kept far too long. She finds a photo of an Aunt she didn’t know about. When asking the parents who it was her mom said she didn’t know at the same time her dad said “your Aunt.” Teenagers don’t forgive lies – I know, I was one once upon a time.

Armed with her best friend, Cleo, Jennifer begins a search for Sarah someone her mother dislikes intensely which, of course, makes Sarah all the more findable. And find her they do in a small town in Maine called Smithport. She is happy to hear from Jennifer and invites her up for the summer. Will mom let her go? Yes but unhappily.

In Maine she gets to know her Aunt Sarah and others: there is a boy named Nathan, an extremely gifted student who is quite close to Sarah and his family geniuses all. Little Fairborn,a caustic old grump who has Jennifer’s best interests in mind even though some don’t agree.

Little had a plan. Maybe. If Jennifer has the guts to pull it off. You’ll have to read this extraordinary story to see and, after you’ve met all the players; you may want to read it again. Just in case you missed something the first time around. What a wonderful visit to Maine, Nebraska and ports between!

Regina Sirois is 90% reader and 10% writer, and as such, her loyalty lies with readers. She believes a book should do more than mildly entertain- it should change us. She graduated summa cum laude from Missouri State's Department of History and English and settled in the golden wheat fields of Kansas with her High School love. She is currently doing laundry (probably) and raising her two daughters. She fell in love the day she learned to read and cried the first time she did a word problem in math ("But it's not a problem..." sob, sob. "It's a story!"). In her debut novel, "On Little Wings," Regina Sirois holds nothing back as she dares to make us believe.

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