Love's Sweet Beginning

Cassie and her mother have nothing but each other after the death of Cassie's father. They were staying with Cassie's father's brother but they have overstayed their welcome. Cassie's mother has a plan that they will go to her brother's place in Noble Springs. Only when they arrive nothing goes as planned. Cassie decides to get a job. Her boss, Jacob West will need more convincing that Cassie is the right woman for the job.

Love's Sweet Journey is the third book in the Sisters at Heart series. This book can be read as a stand alone novel. I instantly fell in love with Cassie. She was not wilting flower. She has a back bone and was not afraid to stand up for what she wanted. While I know this book was about the romance between Cassie and Jacob, I did not feel the connection. Well not right away. In fact they hardly interacted in any romantic way until about mid-way of the story.

Also to be honest, I was so glad when Cassie's mother disappeared for a while in the story. She was uptight and unfriendly. She got on my nerves. Overall another winner for Mrs. Shorey.


Ann Shorey said…
Thank you for your review of Love's Sweet Beginning, Cheryl! You're so right about Cassie's mother--she was definitely a trial. :)

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